Types of text and scope of work

  • general translations (correspondence, requests, applications, confirmations, announcements, etc.)
  • translations of web pages
  • expert and specialized translations (technical specifications, instructions, project documentations, artistic texts)
  • legal translations (contracts, business conditions, power of attorney, statements, certificates, annual reports, judgements)
  • certified translations (birth certificate, marriage certificate, diploma, medical reports, expert´s report). The certified translation is executed by a certified interpreter (registered at a competent Regional Court of the Czech Republic and included in the Register of Court Experts and Interpreters) and provided with an interpreter’s notice and a round stamp.
  • translations of promotional materials, publications, books
  • translations with proofreading by a native speaker
  • express translations

Translation and interpreting is a specific field. Both translators and interpreters have to have a thorough knowledge of both the languages (source and target) and a long-term language practice. Language sensitivity and translation abilities are other inevitable prerequisites. Therefore, we offer quality translations provided by professional translators who meet the above described criteria. Our translators have excellent knowledge not only of the foreign language but also Czech, which is essential for every translation agency.

We create terminological dictionary for our regular customers and we always respect and maintain company terminology and satisfy individual needs of every customer.

Close cooperation with proofreaders and native speaker allows constant translation monitoring, to guarantee its highest quality. Keeping of delivery time is a matter of course.

Customer satisfaction is our biggest concern, therefore the cooperation is based on individual approach to every client. We try to maximally accommodate client needs. We would like to save your time, therefore, it would be very helpful if you precisely describe your requirements and the purpose of the text (internal document, publication, international conference, etc.). In case there is an ambiguity in your text, we will contact you to discuss it. We would like to become a reliable part of your team.

Commercial Terms

  • We accept orders preferably by email. This speeds up processing of the orderand you save time as well as expenses.
  • We guarantee price of translation, delivery time and quality.
  • We welcome information about purpose of the text, so that the most appropriate terminology can be used. That way we ensure grammatical and contentual correctness of the translation.
  • Content of translations is automatically regarded as confidential.
  • We offer discounts for regular customers.
  • On-line order – contact us.