Almost every bigger company needs interpreting services these days. Therefore we are trying to offer you highly qualified experts. High specialization on given languages allows us to concentrate our energy to a particular area and choose the most suitable interpreter and expert for the particular language.

We offer following types of interpreting :

  • consecutive
  • simultaneous
  • accompanying
  • legally certified interpreting

You can ease interpreters work and achieve higher quality of your work by submitting materials and terminology from the interpreted topic and branch. The interpreter becomes your partner and providing him/her with precise information makes the work easier for both of you. Observing the moral code and secrecy is a matter of course; therefore, you do not have to fear any information leak..

Accompanying interpreting

Accompanying interpreting is used by companies on trade fairs, visits and official journeys to foreign countries etc.


Speaker talks continuously (without pauses intended for interpreter) and at the same time the interpreter translates the speech using special technique.

This type of interpreting can be used on congresses, conferences and international scientific meetings.

Consecutive interpreting

Speaker makes pauses for the interpreter. During this pause the interpreter translates the particular part of speech.

This type of interpreting is usually used at business meetings, on smaller conferences, fair trades and schoolings.

Legally certified interpreting

Legally certified interpreting is carried out by an interpreter appointed by a regional court.

This kind of interpreter will be required during official negotiations, weddings, at notarial acts etc.